What is a geocaching mega event?


Mega-events are ultimate gatherings which strengthen the geocaching community through amazing experiences. They attract geocachers from all over the world, often resulting in friendships that last a lifetime and are incredibly fun. Mega geocaching events are a great way for geocachers from all over the world to get together for a weekend filled with stories and adventures.


class300What is offered for beginners?

Besides meeting other fun-loving cachers, our mega event is a great way to expand on your geocaching knowledge and skills. You can learn through classes and meetings, discovering inspired ways to play the game. We might offer a class to teach skills to solve puzzle caches or teach you about specific types of caches. We may teach you how to use some additional geocaching programs and apps to make your geocaching more rewarding. When we have our schedule for the day, we will post it for you.


cito300How will the day role out?

Our Mega event will offer geocachers a day of planned activities, starting with a “Cache In Trash Out” (CITO) event the morning before registration, where we will help clean up a local park. Geocachers give back to their communities and we always have huge turnouts for the CITO events. Beyond the opening events and the opportunity to meet other cachers, you may see some impressive geocaches hidden specifically for the event. You may also see “challenges” that will allow you to win a geocoin.  Special lab caches will be placed around the province for the event week.


night300Should I arrive early?

Short answer: Definitely yes! There will be multiple events leading up to the mega event on the week before in various areas of the province.  These pre-events offer you opportunities to get to know each other, and to participate in a variety of different types of events. The lab caches will be in various locations within a one hour drive of the mega event. They will also be released early to give visitors the opportunity to find them at their own pace and explore the beautiful province of Nova Scotia.



small-group300Make it your own fun day

The geocaching community is grand and growing. There will be lots of people around to help figure out what you want to do, not just the volunteers, but other geocachers.  Whatever you do, feel free to customize your activities so you end up making the day exactly what you want for your mega event. You don’t have to do everything, but it sure is fun trying.