Sunday, July 30 – 10:00 am

Tancook Island’s 5th Geocaching Event (GC72X1W)

Hosted by Tancook Island Girl.

This will be the 5th geocaching event on Tancook Island. We invite all cachers to join us for a day of exploration on this beautiful island.

What happens?

When you arrive on the island, you will be greeted at the wharf and briefed on the day’s event. This will be important to new participants. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and fill out a ballot for draws at the end of the day. The rest of the day is free to fill as you wish.

This will be a rain or shine event and runs from 11:00am-5:00pm on July 30th. 

Tancook is a large island. There are currently 40 active caches on Big Tancook Island. You can learn about the island with some caches which have information on their particular areas. You will get information, history and exercise all in one day. There will probably be a new cache or two published the day of the event.

There are rest areas on the island with caches very close by. Each rest area has two picnic tables, a trash and recycling container. There are also picnic tables at the recreation center. Feel free to bring your own lunch and a good supply of water. There is a restaurant and a cafe on the island if you wish to pack lighter.

Bring your camera and extra batteries. You won’t want to miss out on a great pic!

I hope you enjoy the creativity behind some of my caches as I have enjoyed creating them!  For those that have been to the island before, please come again. You will be able to log the event, find a new cache or two and have time to enjoy the island and visit the shops if you wish… Hope to see some familiar faces and new!

Tancook Island Girl

Home Base – Recreation Centre

The “Event Log” will be at the posted cords at our Recreation Center. It will be open for shelter and washrooms. There will be someone there all day so if you have belongings that you do not want to carry around, they can be left there.

The recreation center has snacks and drinks in their canteen. There is also a sheltered rest area inside the Gallery at South East Cove where you may also purchase a hot beverage or water.

How to get there:

Arrive in Chester, Nova Scotia to catch the ferry to Tancook Island. There is a parking area in Chester for Tancook residents and visitors (N 44′ 32.692 W 064′ 14.503). It is a free, park at your own risk lot. You will need to give yourself ample time to walk to the ferry which takes about 15 minutes.

Ferry schedule: (N 44 32.258 W 064′ 14.318)

10:00 am – Ferry departs Chester for Tancook Island

11:00 am – Ferry arrives on Tancook Island

5:00 pm – Ferry departs Tancook Island to go back to Chester

6:00 pm – You arrive back in Chester

***Notes about the Tancook ferry***

  • The Tancook Ferry is not a car ferry!
  • The ferry has a capacity of 95 passengers.

If the ferry is over-capacity:

  • If there are more people than capacity, the ferry will return to pick up the remaining people! It will take approximately 1.5-2 hours to return.
  • Second runs only happen if there are still people waiting.
  • If you are not on the wharf when it returns the second time, you will miss your chance to be on the island.
  • Times are approximate. If you don’t want to stay on the wharf, you may leave for an hour or so and then come back.

Boarding the ferry:

  • When you arrive at the ferry, just walk on and take a seat or find your way to the Upper Deck (you get to the upper deck from outside).
  • After the ferry leaves, the crew will collect tickets or money.

Ferry tickets:

  • 12 and under – FREE
  • Single ticket – $7.00
  • 5 ticket card – $17.50 ($3.50ea)
  • 10 ticket card cost $35 ($3.50ea)
  • Groups can share tickets on a card. You may ask others to share the cost of a card.
  • You DO NOT have to pay on the return trip to Chester, so use all passes on the card.
  • If you wish to save your passes for another visit, ferry cards do not expire.

Where to depart:

  • The ferry goes to both Little Tancook Island and Big Tancook Island.
  • Make sure you get off at “Big Tancook Island”.
  • The ferry will stop at “Little Tancook” first! It has a wooden wharf.
  • Big Tancook’s wharf is made of cement.
  • If you see a ferry crew member, feel free to ask questions.


The best chance of finding all caches in one day would be by bicycle. You are allowed to bring one free of charge on the ferry. Just simply walk it on. If you prefer not to bring bikes with you there is a bike rental place on the island. The Bike rental shop is also a licensed cafe.

Bike rentals:

Information can be obtained at:

Camping overnight?

There is a free Wilderness camping area called Spruce Grove. “Wilderness” means that there are no facilities, electric or water. You can contact Martha if you have any questions about it. She does have a picnic table, fire pit and firewood that are there for anyone needing it. Again, no fee! She just likes to know when someone is using it so she can replace what is used. We can also make a PDF of the wilderness camping with photos and a write-up, if anyone is interested.

Be prepared:

Please remember any essentials that you may need such as epi-pens, medications, sunscreen, diapers, etc. There are no stores on the island. There is an emergency response on the island, but let’s all be safe and prepared so we do not need to use this service. If you have an emergency, simply call 911. For serious calls, lifeflight can be here quickly when available.

For more information on our island you may wish to visit our website:

Need help?

Please feel free to contact Tancook Island Girl with any questions you may have during your time on the island. Her phone number will be available to you that day.

Additional way points:

Parking in Chester (Parking Area)

N 44° 32.692 W 064° 14.503

Note: Free park at your own risk lot

Tancook Ferry wharf in Chester (Trailhead)

N 44° 27.598 W 064° 10.221

Note: This is where you depart from Chester on a passenger only ferry

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