Geocache Building: Unique Containers and Gadget Caches

Geocache Building:  Unique Containers and Gadget Caches 

A Maritime Mega 4 Workshop by Plumberman63

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Time – 10:30 to 11:30am
Venue: Theatre

There is so much that goes into creative geocaches behind the scenes. Come and learn tips and tricks for placing unique geocache containers and gadget caches. How to make geocaches that stand the test of geocachers and muggles, and how geocachers can help maximize their own search experiences.

Join Plumberman63 as he explains the benefits of building geocache containers that are beyond the basics.  He will share the various sources he draws from for his design ideas, and give instructions on how to build and hide creative geocaches.

The workshop will feature some examples of Plumberman63’s latest geocache creations!

About the speaker:
Will Last is a plumber by trade who enjoys spending his spare time in his workshop designing and creating a variety of things, from furniture and home accents to geocaches and gadgets. A geocacher since 2010, he started building gadget caches in the fall of 2016. His first gadget cache, “Old McPlumberman Had A Farm – GC6V4ME“ tied for first place at the Fall Favorites 2016 event and was named Geocache Of The Week from He is looking forward to releasing more gadget caches in the area in the summer of 2017.