Guided Nature Tour of Victoria Park

Guided Nature Tour of Victoria Park

A Maritime Mega 4 Workshop by forestfauna

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Time – 7:30 to 9:00am
Venue: Victoria Park
Location: The tour will start at N 45 21.504 W 063 16.384

Join geocacher forestfauna on a 45min – 1 hr guided nature tour of Victoria Park. Mark’s tour will focus on the various plants and animals that we see around us. How to identify some of the hardwood and softwood trees common to the region. Various wildlife sounds and signs we see and hear.  Good (free and/or cheap) apps for the nature lovers.  General knowledge and information on the area.

This will be a moderate-level hike on established pathways in the park (but we may go off-trail for something really cool), so proper footwear and water is highly recommended.

About the guide:
Mark McGarrigle (BSc(biol), BScF, MScF) is a terrestrial ecologist with experience working and volunteering for various non-profit organizations, provincial and federal governments, and as a private consultant. Mark is considered a national expert on species at risk and has authored numerous reports on this topic over the years. One of Mark’s passions is environmental education, where he has brought his decades of experience and knowledge to his work and volunteer efforts to showcase the various flora and fauna found in the region.