Introduction to Cachly

Introduction to Cachly

A Maritime Mega 4 Workshop by HikingSeal

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Time – 2:15 to 3:15pm
Venue: Classroom 1

Have you heard of Cachly but do not want to take the time to learn how to use it when your GPSr works just fine? Maybe you use Cachly but have not gotten past navigating to a cache and logging it?

Would you like to go caching with your phone all day without using all your data for the month? How about writing the logs for the caches you find with Cachly at home on you big keyboard at your computer?

There is so much more to Cachly than navigation and logging. Sit in on this session to learn the highlights and most popular features of what many consider to be the best caching app for iOS, Cachly.

About the speaker:
Chris Rock (HikingSeal) has been caching since April 12, 2008. Having recently passed 10,000 finds she is an experienced cacher who has cached in 14 countries including all fifty US States and six Canadian Provinces. The last state and three provinces were just achieved on this trip! She has run a monthly event series, Sunday Morning Hiking Series, since June 2009. Chris was a nominee for GCHQ’s Geocacher of the Month in November 2013.
Professionally Chris is an organizational psychologist and trainer. Using her professional skills, she has taught others about caching through workshops held locally and at Megas like today’s session on Cachly. Her love of geocaching and work with the Utah GeoTour has recently led her to expand her business to include Cache Tour Creations, a service to help tourist organizations set-up Geotours and reward geotrails.